National Demonstration for Gaza, Free Palestine.


National demonstration for GAZA. Free Palestine!
National Demonstration Saturday 19 July
Assemble 12 noon, Downing Street, London SW1
Nearest tube: Westminster
Called by PSC, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Stop the War Coalition, British Muslim Initative, CND, Palestinian Forum in Britain

*** Manchester PSC have organised a coach from Manchester:
7am Saturday 19 July Chorlton Street Bus Station, Chorlton Street M1 3JF
Cost: £25 full price, £15 concession
To book a place: E-mail
or phone Norma 07903668500 or Linda 07985624968.
We will need payment upfront.
If you cannot come but can afford to pay to sponsor someone who wants to go but has no money then please contact us.***

Emergency Protest: Stop Killing Palestinians – Saturday 12th July

Emergency Protest – Stop Killing Palestinians

Called by Manchester PSC (Palestine Solidarity Campaign)

Tomorrow (Saturday) 12th July at 12:00

Piccadilly Gardens

Then to the BBCHeadquarters, Media City, where convoys will be arriving to


Current number of Palestinians killed this week in Gaza at least 100, more than 650 injured. 22 children. 0 Israelis.

Yet the BBC headline is “Israel Under Renewed Hamas Attack”

Dr Medhat Abbas, Director General of Shuhuda al-Aqsa hospital in Gaza, reports drastic shortages for medications and staff:

“Everything is on the verge of collapse in my hospital…There is no safe place anywhere in Gaza, even hospitals get their share of the bombardment…every 10 minutes we receive a new wave of victims  .”


For more details Adie 07972365257

Discussion Meeting: The Apparatus of Repression

Presenters:  Annie O’Gara & Paul Wimpeney.

The Apparatus of Repression: How does the Israeli State control the Palestinians?

This talk will attempt to examine how one group of people keeps another under quite formidable control, at the same time as stealing the ground from under its feet and explaining to everyone else that this is necessary in order to preserve its own security, for the most part retaining the support of so-called civilised society in the process.

Annie & Paul will attempt to unravel the complex web of tactics, from daily military harassment, bombs and white phosphorus to administrative blind-alleys, social-fabric destruction and any number of arbitrary bureaucratic hindrances that are all used to encourage the Palestinians to leave, or if they refuse to go, to make them realise how unwelcome their presence is.

Annie O’Gara & Paul Wimpeney from Halifax Friends of Palestine will be talking about these, and other  forms of repression by the Israeli state.

For more information contact Linda on 07985 624968

7pm, Thursday 19th June 2014.

Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS.



Special Meeting with Palestinian member of the Knesset – Dr. Jamal Zahalka MK

Dr. Jamal Zahalka MK is leader of the National Democratic Assembly (NDA) (known as Tajammua` in Arabic, Balad in Hebrew) a democratic progressive national party of Palestinians in the Israeli Knesset. The NDA opposes the idea of Israel as a solely Jewish state, and stands for the creation of a binational state in Israel after it’s founder, Azmi Bishara, coined the phrase “a state of all its citizens.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Dr. Zahalka talk about life as a member of the Knesset (one of only 3 NDA MKs) & the NDA’s vision for the future, including:

  • Supporting the full withdrawal from the territories occupied in 1967 and establishing an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza with East Jerusalem as its capital.
  • Implementing UN resolution 194 (the right of return to Palestinian refugees).
  • Supporting the repeal of recognition of the Zionist institutions of the State of Israel.
  • Demanding recognition of Israeli Arabs as a national minority.
  • Advocating the separation of religion and state in Israel.
  • Challenging sectarianism and working towards full equality between men and women.
  • Promoting equality, social justice and a fair distribution of wealth among various social classes.

 Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS.

7pm, Friday 16th May 2014

  For more information contact Linda on 07985 624968

 Leaflet for Meeting

Manchester PSC meeting: The European Elections & Palestine: Elections Hustings.

Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign public meeting: The European Elections & Palestine:  European Elections Hustings.

7pm, Thursday 15th May 2014,

Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS.

In the run-up to the European Elections, come and hear politicians’ views on Palestine.

If elected as an MEP, what will they do about the European Trade Agreement with Israel, and what do they intend to do to support Palestine in the European Parliament?

This is particularly relevant as our meeting will take place on the 66th anniversary of Nakba Day. (The State of Israel came into being on 15th May 1948. This was a Nakba {Arabic for “Catastrophe”} for the Palestinian people who were either killed or forced to flee by Zionist terrorists before & after Nakba Day).

Come & ask Labour’s Julie Ward & Afsal Khan, the Green Party’s Peter Cranie and the Liberal Democrats’ Chris Davies.

Discussion Meeting:Palestine 101: Debunking Misconceptions

Palestine 101: Debunking Misconceptions

Discussion lead by  Adie Mormech.

Have you ever asked yourself or been asked…

“Why boycott Israel? It won’t make a difference”

“Doesn’t Israel have the right to defend itself?”

“Is this a religious conflict?”

Have you ever wondered why Stephen Hawking, Stevie Wonder, and Pink Floyd are part of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement?

Following the recent controversy around Scarlett Johansson and Sodastream, come along and find out what the fuss is all about!

Join Adie Mormech (Manchester based BDS activist) in challenging common misconceptions about Palestine. Share your experiences or learn from others.

Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS.

7pm, Thursday 17th April 2014

For more information contact Linda on 07985 624968

Play: My Name is Rachel Corrie

One-woman show about  the Life of Rachel Corrie

The play tells the true story of Rachel Corrie, an American peace activist who lost her life working for peace in Palestine in March 2003. Based on her emails and diary entries, this one-woman play deals with cultural identity, humanity and courage.

Part of  the Contact Theatre’s 2014 Palaver Festival

Performances: Tuesday 25th March – 8 pm & Wednesday 26th March 2pm & 8pm

Contact Theatre Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6JA


Supported by University of Manchester Action Palestine

Photographic Exhibition: Silent Voices

A thought-provoking photography exhibition showing everyday life in the village of bil’in in the occupied west bank of Palestine as seen through the eyes of the children who live there.

The Eighth Day Café, All Saints, Oxford Road, central Manchester      1st – 29th April 2014

Launch on Tuesday 1st April 5 -7pm at the café:

Speakers are from Liverpool Friends of Bil’in, sponsors of the exhibition, followed discussion.

Tom Hurndall Memorial Lecture 2nd April 2014

This year’s  speaker

Daniel Machover (Head of Civil Litigation, Hickman & Rose Solicitors, London)

Are Some Or All Palestinians Victims Of Israeli Apartheid?

Daniel Machover specialises in international human rights law, civil actions against the state and representing bereaved families at inquests into deaths in custody. Daniel’s work for victims of war crimes, torture and crimes against humanity has placed him at the forefront of the movement for universal criminal jurisdiction over the most serious human rights violations and equal application of the rule of law in all circumstances. In 1988 he co-founded Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights and is now one of the trustees of the LPHR charitable trust, which runs ground-breaking legal projects. Daniel was also one of the legal advisers to the jury of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine. Daniel’s talk will focus on the matters discussed by the RTOP in Cape Town, namely the question of Israeli apartheid.

Tom Hurndall was a student at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). He was fatally wounded by the Israeli Defence Force whilst protecting Palestinian children in Gaza. He died on January 13th 2004. Since 2005 MMU has hosted a Memorial Lecture which has attracted prestigious figures willing to speak out against what was done in 2004 and what is still being done now by the Israeli State. For more details about this lecture and previous lectures, visit the Tom Hurndall Memorial Lecture page on Facebook. The organising group for the lecture is from MMU and Manchester University.

6.00, 2 April 2014

Lecture Theatre C0.14

John Dalton Building, MMU

location map:

Film showing: “Tears of Gaza”.

Tears of Gaza is a Norwegian anti-war documentary from 2010. It looks at Operation Cast Lead, (Israel’s massive, 22-day military assault on the Gaza Strip killing some 1,400 Palestinians), through the eyes of a group of Palestinian children.  “Disturbing, powerful and emotionally devastating, Tears of Gaza is less a conventional documentary than a record–presented with minimal gloss – of the 2008 to 2009 bombing of Gaza by the Israeli military. Photographed by several Palestinian cameramen both during and after the offensive, this powerful film by director Vibeke Løkkeberg focuses on the impact of the attacks on the civilian population. 
Tears of Gaza
 makes no overriding speeches or analyses. The situation leading up to the incursion is never mentioned. Similar events certainly occurred in Dresden, Tokyo, Baghdad and Sarajevo, but of course Gaza isn’t those places.Tears of Gaza demands that we examine the costs of war on a civilian populace.” (from the ultimate anti-war film. A compelling film about war.” – Kirk Honeycutt, The Hollywood Reporter

 Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS.

7pm, Thursday 20th March 2014

 For more information contact Linda on 07985 624968

Manchester Branch of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign