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Protest: Comedian Eddie Izzard is booked to play in Tel Aviv on March 30th.

Comedian Eddie Izzard is booked to play in Tel Aviv on March 30th.

He is known for his opposition to apartheid South Africa. He played gigs for the Anti- Apartheid Movement in the 1980s. In 2016 he ran 27 marathons in 27 days to honour the 27 years Nelson Mandela spent in prison.

He is playing at The Lowry, Salford, tomorrow, Thursday 23rd March, in an  unusual 3 language, 3x 1hour performances.

Quoting activists in Artists for Palestine (…”Behind-the-scenes approaches failed to change his mind – hence the more direct, public approach.”   So PSC will be having a  protest at the The Lowry Theatre, Salford.

8.30-9.10pm to catch those fans going to the English language performance and those leaving the French gig. We will be distributing the attached  leaflet but please bring your own placards and posters.

Day Conference on the Balfour  Declaration in Bolton – Saturday 8th Apr

Saturday 8th Apr 2017 10:00 am – 3:30 pm
Day Conference: 100 Years Since The Balfour Declaration -Understanding The History, Outcomes, And The British Responsibilities
Organised by Friends of Sabeel (North West)
Guest Speakers

  • Professor Mary Grey- Ecotheologian, feminist writer and member of the Balfour Project
  • Dr Aimee Shalan Director of Fobza –Promoting Palestinian access to education

Balfour Event Leaflet & Poster

Continue reading Day Conference on the Balfour  Declaration in Bolton – Saturday 8th Apr


The History of Israel & Palestine 1948 – the Present Day: Young Palestinian’s Perspectives

Presenter:  Michael Lavalette

Based on interviews with close to two hundred young Palestinians, this talk will look at the impact of displacement, occupation and oppression on the Palestinians of the West Bank. The talk will include appropriate reference to the history of Palestine (pre and Continue reading PALESTINE – PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE: THE HISTORY OF ISRAEL & PALESTINE 1948 TO THE PRESENT DAY


7th Mar 2017 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
This year’s guest speaker
Prof. Penny Green (Queen Mary University of London)

Title of Lecture: Evicting Palestine: Israel’s criminal urban planning programme

The lecture will introduce the concept of state crime and the centrality of civil society (rather than law) in defining, exposing and ultimately challenging state criminality. I will then focus on Israel’s systematic and criminal programme of forced evictions in the historic entity of Palestine. More specifically, I will explore systems of land tenure and urban planning, interlocking with the construction of physical structures of apartheid (separation walls and Israeli only roads) and green and archaeological sites, designed to create a formidable over-arching mechanism for the eviction of Palestinian residents from their homes and traditional lands. In the Continue reading TOM HURNDALL 12TH MEMORIAL LECTURE

Giving Israel the Red Card – Fair Play for Palestine

Red Card Israeli Racism campaigns to remove teams located in illegal Israeli settlements from UEFA and FIFA, and to ensure fair play for Palestinian footballers. Geoff Lee, joint founder of the Red Card Israeli Racism campaign will be giving a talk about the campaign. UoM BDS will also be giving a short talk about the progress of our current campaign.

Please join us on Wednesday 8th February, 6pm, Avila House (opposite UoM Students Union), 335-337 Oxford Rd, Manchester, M13 9PG

to find out more about the campaign and discuss how we can all participate in fighting social injustice.

For more information:

Organised by  University of Manchester BDS Campaign


20th Feb 2017 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Speaker: Professor Ilan Pappe

(University of Exeter and author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine)

Can Trump’s administration be any worse than Obama’s for the prospect of peace in the Middle East and securing justice for the Palestinians? Throughout Obama’s 8 years Israeli settlements on Palestinian land have continued to expand and Israel’s siege of Gaza has entered its 10th year. Continue reading ILAN PAPPE SPEAKING IN SHEFFIELD

FILM – 3000 NIGHTS showing at Home Cinema

31st Jan 2017 6:10 pm – 8:10 pm

Directed by Mai Masri

In a welcome move Home Cinema, formally the Corner House, with be showing a film by a Palestinian director.  Note that the Cinema is now located in the Home arts complex in  Tony Wilson Place which is close to Deangate-Castlefield Metro link station.

Film Summary

Layal, a young newlywed Palestinian schoolteacher is arrested after being falsely accused and sentenced to 8 years of prison. She is transferred to a high security Israeli women’s prison where she encounters a terrifying world in which Palestinian political prisoners are incarcerated with Israeli criminal inmates. When she discovers she is pregnant, the prison director pressures her to abort the baby and spy on the Palestinian inmates ….

Running time 1h 43min

31st Jan 2017 6:10 pm – 8:10 pm Home Cinema, Tony Wilson Place, Manchester, M15 4FN

Report on Protest Outside Ferranti | Elbit Dec 17th

As part of the national day of action against the arms trade with Israel on Dec 19th a group of us went up to Ferranti | Elbit in Oldham.

In freezing weather in pitch darkness we arrived at 7am with nicely worded banners, leaflets , and the pictures of the fallen in Gaza . First problem was there were no workers whatsoever,  only the occasional van arriving.  We went to the front entrance to hand in a letter explaining our protest, but they had clearly got wind of our protest as all the doors were immediately locked. We held a vigil outside the locked front entrance.

whats-happened-to-ferrantiWe then moved to the rear entrance to continue our protest. Interestingly if you compare photos of the last time we were there with this time we can see that the factory has removed all the big “Ferranti” signs from the roof and sign at the car park.

Adie Mordech for Manchester Palestine Action