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Gaza in Crisis: A Political Choice, Not a Natural Disaster

The world knows Gaza is in crisis. No clean water, only 3-4 hours electricity a day and not enough medicine. Nearly 2 million people live besieged in conditions the UN describes as a human dignity crisis.

But this is not a natural disaster – it is a political choice to punish the Palestinian people. A decision made by Israel with the support of the governments of the US, UK and EU.

Join us in calling for an end to the illegal blockade of Gaza by signing this petition. It only takes a minute to have your voice heard! 

Successful Stop G4S Protest and Petitioning Event

StopG4 Protest Albert Squre 3 Feb 15 (Large)

The StopG4S campaign held a successful protest in Alberts Square  last Tuesday (3rd Feb) ,  gathering signatures for their petition.  The protest took place at a rally called by Councillor Pat Karney to “Stand up for Manchester” against the cuts. Laughable, as Manchester City Council has been more interested in prostration before private contractors such as G4S than standing up for anything .

The Stop-G4S campaign will be petition on the following date and places

  • Saturday 28th  February  11-13:00 Withington Library
  • Saturday 14th March  11-13:00 Chorlton Library

Contact norma turner <> for  more information about the petition.

Details of the Petition

“G4S is a security company alleged to be involved in human rights Continue reading Successful Stop G4S Protest and Petitioning Event