UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

A week of action to mark the UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. Join us from the 25th November – 2nd December for one or more of our events!

The Israeli government continues to press ahead with its gross violations of international law and Palestinian human rights – accelerating the ongoing colonisation of yet more Palestinian land.

These include plans to proceed with formal annexation, with the so called UAE/Bahrain peace deal signalling only a temporary halt in those plans. Meanwhile Israel continues with the de facto annexation on the ground… just this week plans were announced to build over 4000 more units to expand illegal settlements in the West Bank.

The need for solidarity through action is more important ever. Now is the time to #StopAnnexation and #EndApartheid !

Register for the Virtual Lobby of Parliament

We need your voice in Parliament! Join the Virtual Lobby Day for Palestine on Wednesday 2nd December, and meet with your MP over Zoom to discuss Palestinian rights. You don’t need to be an expert on Palestine to take part… you won’t be alone meeting your MP, and we’ll provide you with a full briefing including speaking notes and how to prepare.

Protest at Ferranti Technology Oldham.

Balfour Declaration Protest Monday 2nd November 2020 3pm – 4.30pm at Ferranti Technology Oldham.   

End The Arms Trade with Israel – Shutdown Elbit

The protest will comply with Covid requirements. all participants are requested to social distance and wear masks as follows:

  • Social distance – please ensure you remain 2 metres apart. Raise your arms at the start of our demonstration to ensure you are 2 metres apart.
  • Wear Face masks/coverings – these are known to reduce risk & show that we are taking pre-cautions.
  • Practise Hand hygiene – regular hand washing/hand sanitiser please.
  • Only ‘Zero-Contact’ alternatives for handouts like leaflets and contact sheets to be used.
  • Follow any update government Covid Guidance https://www.gov.uk/guid…/local-covid-alert-level-very-high
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Liverpool Electronic ARMS Fair Cancelled

Electronic Arms Fair scheduled to take place in Liverpool in November has just been cancelled after public pressure. It will now be held in Spain in May 2021.

It is welcome that Electronic Warfare Europe, due to take place at the council-run ACC Exhibition Centre in November, has been cancelled after pressure from a large groups in Liverpool.

However, it is extremely disappointing that the cancellation has come from the event organisers, not the council. Instead, the council has refused to respond to large coalition of groups in Liverpool, who had been calling for the event’s cancellation on the grounds of human rights.

PSC are therefore asking people to write to the Liverpool City Council cabinet to call on them to confirm that no arms fair will take place at a council owned venue in the future, and to implement a robust ethical events policy.

PSC letter to the Liverpool Mayor & Councillors


EMWAS (52 mins) dir Dima Abu Ghosh

SUNDAY 31 MAY 17.00hrs (UK)

This event was originally scheduled to take place on 17 May, but had to be postponed due to a worldwide malfunction of Zoom.  This event will now take place on  Sunday 31st May at 1700. If you registered for 17th May, there is no need to re-register. 

Post screen discussion with director Dima Abu Ghosh; John Nicholson (Stop the JNF campaign); Anandi Ramamurthy (Cinema Palestino)

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/168180667

Tickets are free but please book via Eventbrite:  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/film-screening-emwas-tickets-103610710424

To commemorate the Nakba, we will remember the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinian villages beyond 1948. In 1967, on the second day of the 1967 war, Dima Abu Ghosh was forced to flee her village, along with all its inhabitants, when she was two years old. None of the villagers was ever able to return. After demolishing Emwas and a neighbouring village, the Israeli government turned the area into a public park called the Canada Park. The film follows the journey of the director, Dima Abu Ghosh, as she brings the demolished village to life and rebuilds her demolished hometown through a model, to restore the memories of its inhabitants and their dreams.

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Virtual gathering with Roger Waters, Ken Loach, Chief Mandla Mandela, Janna Jihad and DAM

Friday 15th May 7pm (BST)
What:  An online rally featuring performances by Roger Waters, DAM, Remi Kanazi, Allan Kolski and Adnan Joubran, and speeches by Ken Loach, Chief Mandla Mandela, Diana Buttu, Janna Jihad, Yara Hawari and Ghada Karmi. Participants will be led in sign-making and call their elected officials.


Organized by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the BDS MovementJewish Voice for Peace and the South African BDS Coalition.

Stop JNF Campaign Monthly Webinar Series

Join expert guest speakers in a monthly webinar series to explore the role of the Jewish National Fund in Palestinian dispossession.

About this Event

Join guest speakers and experts in a monthly webinar series to explore the role of the Jewish National Fund in the historic and ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. From the Nakba to today, the JNF has been a key agent in the colonization of Palestine. We will also explore how the JNF has helped to forge the racist ideology of the state of Israel, financing a discriminatory system whilst, at the same time, being accorded charitable status across the world. The campaign against the JNF likewise reaches across the world – we invite you to join us , wherever you are, in this campaign for justice.

Webinars will be held on the first Saturday of Month at 4pm (BST)  starting on Saturday 2nd May .

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Programme May- Oct 2020

Saturday 2nd May What is the JNF (Jewish National Fund)?

The JNF functions as an arm of the Israeli state, yet presents as a charity in scores of countries. Our expert guests will discuss the JNF as a pioneer of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and its ongoing activities to expel Palestinians from their homes. We’ll look at the JNF’s claims to act on behalf of Jews worldwide and show how this racist organisation can be challenged wherever you are.

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